The CAVE is a state of the art facility providing a 270 degree immersive experience and unique way for brands, retailers and consumers to engage in the development of retail solutions. Combining high-resolution laser and stereoscopic projection and 3D computer graphics, we create a complete sense of your brand in a virtual environment.


ICON_Puzzle-01 Discover using Science The virtual CAVE provides a deeper  understanding of how shopper  insights drive purchase behavior at retail using Shopper Marketing  research.
ICON_IdeaBubbles1-01Immerse your Brand Collaborate on product placement,  assortment and inventory. Envision the user experience and increase  effectiveness in a virtual retail  environment prior to prototyping.
ICON_ShoppingBag1-01Benefits of the CAVE • Reduced prototype costs • Ability to see different designs in a virtual environment, instead of renderings • Reduced labor costs for prototype set-up • Changes can be done quickly • Reduces the amount of physical prototypes

ICON_Arrow1-01Visualize the Future See first hand how potential solutions work in a physical environment early in the design process, providing a competitive advantage as well as saving time and money.