Cash Wraps

Cash wraps, checkout counter, retail counter, or customer service desk. By any name, at these critical customer interaction points you have the opportunity to reinforce your brand message while leaving your customer with a favorable final impression of ease and efficiency.

From queuing systems to point of sale displays to a wide range of options that enhance convenience and security for your staff, we can deliver durable, fully configured, adaptable units on time for your pilot stores and full multi-location rollout.

Modular design means you aren’t stuck with one configuration

Choose the arrangement needed for your purpose: assisted or unassisted checkout counter, customer service desk, or specialized point of sale station. Our modular construction allows complete customization that’s easy to update.

  • Add drawers, shelves, doors, cash box, or locking sections at any time
  • Mount a cash register or computer or add wireless turntables for screens
  • Choose a universal, right- or left-handed configuration.

Durable construction and quality finishes create the look you want

The right construction and materials ensure that your investment maintains its appearance over the years, withstanding daily use. Select the style, structure and surface materials that best serve your customers and your staff.

  • Counter surface materials include stainless steel and other metal options as well as solid surfaces that resist damage and simplify cleaning
  • Stations can be designed with or without belts for self checkout or assisted checkout solutions
  • Durable powder coated finish in the full range of hundreds of RAL industry standard colors and finishes meets your brand and aesthetic requirements and delivers lasting performance

Plug-and-play installation simplifies the multi-location rollout process

Timing and coordination are critical aspects of effective large-scale rollouts. LA Darling helps ensure your deployment is successful with efficient and rapid delivery as well as a simplified installation process.

  • Retail cash wraps, checkout counters and customer service desks are shipped fully assembled and ready to install
  • Power connections integrated into the units allow for a one-time hook-up charge for installation
  • Pilot stores and layout centers for testing simplify scaling in preparation for large multi-location  rollout

Maintaining your brand integrity is a big part of our design process. Cash wraps and all fixtures and displays can be made to match your brand or bring your vision to life.

Absolutely! Customization is what we do best. Cash wraps can be created with a universal design as well as right- or left-hand configuration. We can keep a seamless brand identity across a variety of materials and construction designs to adapt to the needs of your stores.

LA Darling cash wraps are designed to have plug-and-play installations so that once any initial wiring is complete, additional units can simply be plugged in.

Every LA Darling cash wrap, case and display fixture is constructed to last. Quality, performance, and longevity of the fixtures in your retail space are attributes that define the products we design and manufacture.

The team working on prototypes brings decades of experience to the task. With most projects we are able to produce prototypes within a few weeks. In those instances where longer lead time items are involved, we will keep you informed of the adjusted lead time to expect.

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