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Retail is changing. Consumers are buying differently than ever before. They are looking for efficient ways to begin their purchases online and safe and effective ways to pick up their products in a brick-and-mortar setting. The convenience of BOPIS, “buy-online-pickup-in store,” and locker pickups are redefining how retail stores operate. If you need to quickly scale and optimize your click-and-collect program, then you need a partner with the expertise, proven track record, speed, and manufacturing capabilities to get you up and running quickly and seamlessly.

Count on LA Darling for all your click-and-collect program needs. Our customized solutions include everything from signage and picking stations to complete turnkey staging areas. All of our products are designed, engineered, manufactured, and assembled in the United States to ensure the highest quality and most efficient speed to market.

Check out some of our Click-and-Collect solutions, or contact us to learn how we can configure a solution for you.

Picking Stations

Picking Stations

Streamline the picking process by converting underutilized space into quick picking areas for your fastest moving click-and-collect SKUs. Picking stations create unified and organized spaces for high-volume e-commerce orders.


  • Improve picking time by placing high-volume products together in one easy-access area
  • Respond to changing demand quickly – modular design can set up and tear down easily for a fast response to surges or downturns in demand
  • Easily restock the picking stations for more efficient picking


  • Temperature controlled zones available to hold frozen and refrigerated foods
  • Flexible shelving accommodates a wide range of products
Staging Area Solutions

Staging Area Solutions

Create an attractive and organized staging center to more accurately fulfill click-and-collect orders. Staging area solutions are a cost-effective way to easily access orders while maintaining the clean and organized store appearance your shoppers expect. These solutions also provide space for additional advertising or messaging.


  • Increase accuracy with a well-organized staging system
  • Improve the visual appearance of your staging area for better branding of your click-and-collect program
  • Build better brand awareness and higher sales by increasing in-store signage and advertising space


  • Easy-access cabinets can be customized to accommodate different sized products and keep orders organized to ensure every order is fulfilled accurately
  • Cabinets provide surface area to add advertising or signage


Clear, attractive signage is critical to the success of your click-and-collect program. With our signage programs you get quick and easy ways to clearly instruct shoppers on how to collect their e-commerce orders, while also driving trial and incremental sales through advertising and promotions.


  • Increase customer satisfaction with your click-and-collect program by providing clear instructions on where to park and what to do to once they arrive to receive their order
  • Ensure shopper safety with signage that shows how to receive their order safely
  • Drive additional sales with advertising and promotional signage in the pick-up area
  • Brand your click-and-collect program for market differentiation
  • Promote click-and-collect trial with in-store shoppers


  • Weather-proof signage for outside areas, including sign stanchions pre-set for key areas to enable quick execution
  • Easy to produce and change advertising messaging
Mobile Impulse Fixtures

Mobile Impulse Fixtures

Capitalize on high-margin impulse buys with mobile impulse fixtures. These easy-to-execute solutions are perfect for featuring convenience, seasonal or high-turn items.


  • Create high-margin impulse revenue from current click-and-collect orders
  • Create additional ad revenue from brand partnership opportunities
  • Increase customer satisfaction through convenience
  • Differentiate your click-and-collect program


  • Mobile fixtures contain shelves to bring high-value, high-volume items to the area where shoppers receive their click-and-collect orders, including outside the store
  • Can contain a POS station for on-the-spot purchases
  • Built-in wheels make it easy to move out at beginning of day and back in when needed for restocking
In-Store Pickup and Impulse Stations

In-Store Pickup and Impulse Stations

Recapture impulse sales and improve profit margins with this integrated pickup and impulse station. The mobile station can be moved depending on your needs, while displaying your fast-moving, high-margin items to build in-store sales.


  • Increase high-margin impulse sales
  • Welcome e-commerce shoppers with an attractive and convenient fixture
  • Quickly change merchandise to adjust for promotions, seasonal items or time-of-day highlights
  • Increase shopper convenience and overall satisfaction with your e-commerce program


  • Option to include refrigeration, warming, freezer and ambient merchandise
  • Easy to set up or tear down and includes built-in wheels for mobility.
  • Streamlined to take up minimal space while maximizing impact
  • Incorporates POS station to easily service impulse purchases

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