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Security Solutions

Your high-value items need protection on the sales floor, during restocking, and in backroom storage. LA Darling creates custom security solutions to help you protect these assets at every point with cases that are tough to break into but easy for associates to use.

Prevent theft and maintain brand integrity

Attractive security cases in virtually any size or material, compatible with a range of locking alternatives help you keep customers engaged and allow maximum visibility while securely protecting goods with solutions that are: 

  • Customized to your brand.
  • Customized to the goods on display.
  • Customized to how you operate.
  • Prototyped, tested, and manufactured to perform and meet your timeline.

Streamlined operation

Glass-front salesfloor cases with shelves, secure storage, or wired cages for asset protection while replenishing shelves, every design considers ease of use for associates as well as effective security for high-value items. Keep customer engagement high and losses to a minimum.

Finding a better way

New challenges may arise, but we’re problem solvers at heart. Evolving, adapting, innovating, and applying expertise gained over decades of custom case manufacturing to help you stay a step ahead and keep goods safely on display.

Prototype, test, revise, repeat

Prototype testing by our team and yours employs all the tools and tactics used in a real theft. Your team should break a sweat in the process, but not break into the case. We’ll revise and repeat to create the right level of security, always designing for an easy human interface: clear view and interaction for customers, smooth operation and no points of injury for your associates.

Installation is a snap

Security cases that require no tools for assembly go together quickly and produce virtually mistake-proof results. You’ll get a fit and finish to be proud of, with components that stay together once assembled.

Timing is everything

Count on production and deployment to meet your schedule across dozens, hundreds, or thousands of locations. Urgent situations demand timely, responsive action–and get it.


Maintaining your brand integrity is a big part of our design process. Secure cases and displays can be made to match your brand or bring your vision to life, whether that means creating a store-within-a-store or carrying out your current branding scheme, while protecting your high-value items.

Absolutely! Customization is what we do best. We can keep a seamless brand identity across a variety of materials and construction designs to adapt to the needs of your stores. We are constantly working to develop secure solutions.

LA Darling fixtures are designed to have the most seamless installations, requiring fewer staff to install and causing little to no sales interruption.

Every case and fixture is constructed to last.  Quality, performance, and longevity of the fixtures in your retail space are attributes that define the products we design and manufacture.

Custom means custom–so we build and design displays and cases according to your specifications, making them as unique as your retail operation.

We understand the challenges you face after an incident and work hard to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.Our prototype team brings decades of experience to the task. With most projects we are able to produce prototypes within a few weeks. In those instances where longer lead time items are involved, we will keep you informed of the adjusted lead time to expect.