Ultra Gondola

The world of retail is changing quickly, which means you need to respond quickly. At LA Darling, we understand this, which is why we design our gondola units to move at your pace – at the speed of retail.

What sets LA Darling gondola shelving apart from the competition? Flexibility. Unlike any other gondola solution on the market, LA Darling gondola systems are modular units designed to work together. That means you can easily create long or short runs of gondola shelving depending on seasonal demands or customer needs. Simply push units together and attach them for a long run. When a short run is needed, move the modular units apart to create separate selling areas.

With gondola shelving systems from LA Darling, you get quality retail display solutions that work for you and for your customers so you can create the store environment you’ve envisioned, bringing in shoppers and creating repeat foot traffic.

When you work with LA Darling, we’ll assess your store and display needs and start each project with our core gondola systems that are:

Retail Solutions.

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